Hi, we're Mandolin.

A digital shop that uses strategy and tech to help reimagine employee communications.

What We Do

Employee communications don’t have to be boring — we have a thing for turning complicated systems into fun digital experiences.

We Get IT

Every IT department is different, and we know sometimes it probably feels like they’re speaking another language, but lucky for you, we speak IT too.

Same goes for your legal department, having worked deeply within some of the most regulated industries on the planet.

We know how important it is to respect your company’s long-term investments, and we are proud of our ability to partner smartly.

Alex Nuttall
Founder / Digital Strategist
Alyssa Lencioni
Senior Project Manager
Mike Smith
Director of Technology
Lauren Moore
Director of Project Management and Operations

Who We Are

Yes, we speak digital. But our first language is human. A lot of companies say that, so let us elaborate: we’re big fans of honesty, empathy, and transparency.

We’re here to help, not steamroll or politic. We’re a bunch of experienced tech and music loving weirdos who wear our quirks proudly. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: weirdos come up with the best ideas.


We partner with people like you (hopefully) who want to freshen things up internally – namely, clients looking for a new way of reaching their employees.

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